When you visit WeBuyAutos.org please bring along a competitive offer from another car buying company. We beat most  offers we see (not guaranteed).

Also have your vehicle TITLE, a valid current vehicle  REGISTRATION, and a valid state-issued PHOTO ID (Drivers License) for all persons on the title.

If there is a lien on the title, please bring both the Title and the  Lien Release from the lien holder listed.

Don’t forget your second set of keys and remotes. [Today’s keys and remotes sometimes contain elaborate electronics and can cost up to $400 to replace. Your offer will reflect whether all keys and remotes are present.]

When all paperwork is present and completed, you will be issued a corporate check on our local PNC bank account. You can deposit your check same day and funds are usually available the next day.

If there is a current loan (lien) on the vehicle, that lien must be satisfied during our buying process. We will contact your lien holder to obtain the 15-day payoff amount.

Please furnish your lien holder name and phone number, along with the name(s) and social security numbers of everyone on the account.

If you anticipate that our offer may not be sufficient to clear the lien balance, please call or ask us in person about your options.

Our offer is good for 5 days and is based on the current condition, installed equipment, accessories, and title situation.

If there are any changes to condition, equipment, accessories, or title, we reserve the right to withdraw our buying offer.

You will be greeted courteously.

We will evaluate your competitive appraisal(s) and evaluate your vehicle within the first 10 minutes.

If we agree on a price, we will immediately process the brief paperwork after confirming your identity and the vehicle’s papers.

A check is cut while you remove any personal belongings.

We help you remove your tags and give you instructions about turning them in to the MVA. Note: Tags must be returned BEFORE you cancel the insurance on your vehicle.

Then just take your check to the bank, and say ‘Goodbye’ to the hassle of selling your vehicle yourself. 🙂

►Bonus:  Leave us a Review afterwards and help your neighbors to know about the great service you received!

With WeBuyAutos.org you know you’re getting the best ‘quick sale’ offer, because you already have a competitive offer for your vehicle.

With WeBuyAutos.org your check can clear your bank in as little as 24 hours, since our corporate checks are drawn from the local PNC branch. National car buying chains tell you right up front that they are giving you a bank draft, and that a typical hold time is up to 10 banking days before your money is available to you.

With WeBuyAutos.org you avoid the hassle of the haggle.
►No more taking dozens of pictures and posting them to Craigslist, Cars.com, Ebay or local papers (costly!).
►No more additional car payments—starting today!
►No more mileage and depreciation while you drive a car you really want to sell.
►No more wondering if you will be safe when inviting strangers to meet you to look at your vehicle.
►And no haggling with strangers over price!

With WeBuyAutos.org you get fast, efficient, and courteous service from a car buying professional who treats you with dignity.

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